Respite Care Services

When we have family members who have developmental disabilities, we become their automatic caregivers. This role is a very fulfilling and yet demanding assignment. Even if you’re the parent, the caregiving task for your child can take its toll on your body. This is a real challenge that we understand at Berkeley House Inc. We recognize that every family caregiver deserves to get their respite so they can be energized to care for their loved one once again.

With our respite care services, you can trust us to attend to the care needs of your loved one with a developmental disability so you can go out and have a break. This temporary arrangement is a very necessary action on your part so that you can be a better responder to their needs and situations. Take time to care for yourself so that you can be a better caregiver to your loved one.

If you have additional questions about our respite care services, we can answer these for you. Contact us!